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Set the desired ride height

S. van der Wal

The desired height for a BMW 4 Series Convertible

The desired height for a BMW 4 Series Convertible
Van der Wal came to Shokz Suspension specifically to equip his BMW 4 Series Convertible with an upgraded suspension. We at Shokz Suspension have equipped his vehicle with a coilover suspension and adjusted it to the desired ride height.

Why van der Wal chose Shokz Suspension was his previous experience with Shokz Suspension.


BMW 4 serie Cabrio 435i F33

Front adjustment range  : 35-65 mm

Rear adjustment range : 35-55 mm

Axle loads front         : 1090 kg

Axle loads rear          : 1230 kg


Important instructions:

  • Except for vehicles with electronic damping force adjustment
  • Front axle Higher adjustable with coilover struts
  • Rear axle by height adjustment unit
  • Additional original parts that are not included in the scope of delivery may be required for the installation of the chassis components. Please note the technical documents (parts certificate, installation instructions)
  • Not for IX models


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